How to Use a Content Generator

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With Content Generator plugin for Joomla and WordPress, you can convert almost any blog page into a usable and informative bio, shopping page or menu item. Simply copy and paste your blog content into the page builder, then add the appropriate Meta description, URL, Attribute values, Meta tags, and more to customise your menu item. Or, choose to have a pop-up page for adding your product information.


If your website is not visited by search engines, no sales will be generated. A visitor will find the content they are looking for and leave your website. Content Generators help you in getting noticed by search engines by creating dynamic content for your website. They generate your website content based on keywords you have specified.


As soon as your visitors enter the website, the content generator instantly loads your webpage. You can edit your text-based content with the help of the buttons. This feature saves you from re-editing of your text.


You can modify the template of the generator with the help of the settings. Once done with the design, you can modify the text based content and style using the available tools available. The available tools include the template editor, html editor, live preview, CSS editor, image editor, Ajax editor and many more.


There are several available generators available for you to use. You have the ability to create a page layout with the help of the designer. This includes creating templates for your product catalogs. To create the template, just click on ‘Create a Page Layout’ option in the settings. After you are done, you can create the page layout using the wizard.


Some auto article generator also have the ability to add product reviews, pictures and other information related to your products. It is a simple process to add the reviews and pictures in the editor of the content generator. In order to add pictures, you need to select the product that is featured in the product catalog and add it to the page as picture.


Now you can edit the reviews and the product catalog page with the help of the available tools. The reviewer tool allows you to change the review by clicking on the check boxes.


You can also add new items or change the page header and footer. to the page using the options provided. To add links, you need to click on the link in the editor box.


If you want to get the content in a specific format, you can contact the web designer. The content will be converted to a format that is compatible with the format of the target website. To change the format, you need to select the desired format from the editor.


If you want to include images, you need to click on the ‘Add Images’ button on the editor. You can upload the picture using the ‘Add Image’ option available in the editor. The image will appear in the editor when you switch from the editing mode to the adding mode.


When you get started, you can start with a free account. after you pay a certain amount of fee. This fee helps the website provider to create a unique website which is unique for you.


After paying a subscription fee, you can access the generator on the internet with the help of a free account. In free accounts, the generator will be customized according to your needs. The free accounts are not limited. You can also make your own content and publish it in the site.


You can write your own content and publish it on the site. In order to publish your own content, you need to create a blog in your own blog. for free.