10 DIY Dip Station Ideas Easy to Build at Home

I will give you some homemade dip station ideas. Before you make your dip bar, you need to measure the length of your arms. They are typically between twenty-six and twenty-eight inches. Then, you need to measure the width of your shoulders. Between seven and ten inches. After you know the right size for you, you can choose one of the DIY dip station ideas below to make at home.

Best 10 Homemade Dip Bar ideas

DIY dip station wood

Dip stations are great for body exercises. If you want to do this exercise at home and don’t have a lot of extra cash to invest, try making your own dip bar using wood.

home dip bar wood
source: Scrap wood City

The first thing you should do is buy a piece of wood and clear some space on the surface where you will be placing the wood frame for your dip bar frame. If you want to see the details how to make DIY dip station wood, you can click the button below.

DIY dip bar cinder block

Building dip bar Cinder Blocks is really easy if you know what you’re doing and have some quality guides. You only need to make two simple benches using cinder blocks as legs. One of the first things you will need to do is build a flat bench.

dip bar cinder block
cr: Chris McDowell

Then, you need to build another bench with a distance that matches your shoulder width. This will be where you put all the weight for the exercises you will be doing. From there you only have two options, you can build a bench where it doesn’t touch the ground or you can add some kind of blocks that will help you with proper knee position.

Dip station pvc pipes

PVC is usually considered the strongest and most durable pipe material available on the market today. The great thing about using this PVC pipe is that it is relatively cheap compared to some of the other dip bar materials that are out there on the market today. Once you get the pipe, the rest is easy as pie.

dip bar pvc
cr: Build Things From Stuff

The first step that you will need to take when learning how to build a DIY dip station is to have all of your PVC pipe components prepped and ready to go. You will need to measure the size of your PVC pipe to get the correct length for your station. Do you interested in this DIY dip bar idea? This guide below will make it easy for you.

Dip station metal pipes

metal pipe dip bar
Cr :Madison Keaney

You can also make DIY dip station using metal pipes. You can make this the same as the guide for making a pvc pipe dip bar above. The advantage if you use metal material, of course this will be stronger to withstand your load.

Actually, PVC material can withstand your weight up to 100 kgs depend on the length of the bar. However, if you are not really sure with this, you can use metal pipe instead.

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Dip bar saw horse

dip bar horse
Cr :Mike Rinderle

This dip station has two triangular legs with one rod on top connecting them. You can make this using a light wood material. This DIY dip bar can be used indoors or outdoors as you like. You can move it whenever you want.

Homemade dip bar for cage

Cr :Jack Mountain Bushcraft School

This dip station is shaped like a block with four legs. You can make this with wood or metal. If you want to make this with metal then you will need to weld some parts.

I think wood material is the best decision for you. Of course this will make the load lighter and you can easily move it indoors or outdoors. There are various types of wood which are very light with good strength.

You can also modify this dip station into a pull bar. You can use the upper bar to do pull up exercises. Check the guide here.

Pull up bar and dip station indoor

pull up bar and dip station indoor
Cr: MattNunan

Building one dip station to do two exercises at once is not difficult to do. You just need some blocks of wood and a guide. You can build this dip station indoors or outdoors as you like. Unfortunately, this dip station is a bit difficult to move because of its large size and weight.

Pull up bar and dip station outdoor

garden pull bar and dip station

Making a DIY pull up bar and dip station outdoor is simpler than making an indoor one. You only need some large blocks of wood as poles and some small blocks of wood as bars. Unfortunately, you can’t move your outdoor dip station. But, it is okay. Doing exercise outdoor is good for your body. You will get much oxygen to breath freely.

DIY dip bar wall mounted

homemade dip bar wall mounted

You can make your dip bar wall mounted from wood or metal material. This dip bar is very simple and requires very few materials. You don’t need poles to support this. You just need to stick it to the wall wherever you want.

Cheap DIY dip station

Fortunately, you can do tricep dips at home without spending any money. You can use your sofa, park bench, chair, or something else that can withstand your weight.

The best option if you regularly do dip bar exercises at home is to make your own dip bar. You can make it with just pipes or wood. This will make you feel comfortable while doing the exercise. You will never disturb people who are sitting on the sofa again.


You have to decide which DIY bar you will make at home. Build this according to your needs and suits you. Hopefully the table below can help you choose your DIY dip station. Good luck!

Material Strength Light Easy to Build
woodmedium yes little difficult
pvc pipebad yes easy
metal pipegood no little difficult
cinder blockgood no very easy