5 DIY Pulley System Ideas Easy to make for gym at home

Pulley system is a gym equipment that you can easily make at home. Making a DIY pulley system is very easy. You only need some tools and a guide to make it. You don’t need to go to the gym again just to do pulley system workouts. Below we will provide some easy homemade pulley system ideas for you to make at home.

Homemade gym pulley system ideas

DIY tricep pushdown with door pull bar

DIY Tricep Pushdown with door pull bar
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Before making your Tricep Pushdown with door pull bar you will need a door pullbar, straps, a rope and a pulley. If you have installed a door pull bar on your door, you only need to buy a rope, a pulley and straps.

Are you interested in making this DIY at home? You can check the guide how to make Tricep Pushdown with door pull bar down below.

DIY wall mounted Cable Pulley System

DIY Wall Mounted Cable Pulley System
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The Wall Mounted Cable Pulley System is a good idea for your pulley system at home. You only need some parts that you can buy in online stores at a cheap price. It is very simple to set up.

You can stick this tool on the wall of your house wherever you want. With this tool you can perform various exercise cable pulley system only from home. You can perform rows, pulls, raises, and fly workout sets to exercise your arms, back, hips, chest, legs, and abdominal region.

Simple DIY pulley weight system

Simple DIY pulley weight system
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Do you have a power rack in your home? Well, you can use it to make your DIY pulley system. The first thing you need to do is buy a cable crossover attachment. You can buy it on amazon. After everything is ready, you can set up your own pulley system. You can check the tutorial below.

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Homemade low pulley cable cross

Homemade low pulley cable cross
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Making a garage gym at home is a great idea. You can also make a fitness pulley system in your garage gym easily. Before making it, you need to buy some climbing tools and a steel wall mounted to install the pulleys. You can also link your pulley to the ceiling using some nails.

DIY cable machine lat pulldown & low row position

It is the best DIY pulley system that you can make at home. You can do a lot of exercises using this one. Before making this, you will need more many equipments than other DIY’s.

You don’t need to worry. You can buy all the equipments at online stores such as ebay or amazon. After everything is ready, you can start setting up your DIY cable pulley system. Click link below to see the tutorial.

Workouts pulley system you can do at home

What workouts can we do using our homemade Pulley System at home? Well, there are lots of workouts you can do at home. However, it depends on the DIY Pulley System that you made. It because not all of them can perform all the workouts. Here are workouts you can do with your pulley system.

Shoulder PushdownsTricep PushdownsLat pull in’sLateral RaisesBicep curls
High pullsTricep PulldownsOH tricep extensionsCrossovers R&LRows R&L
V-upsCable crunchPull ThroughsCrossoversSquats
Knee-chestTwist overs R&LKickbacks R&LStraight leg deadliftsAbductors R&L